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The human body fascinates me. Depicting it means for me depicting the human condition. It is an attempt to immortalise what is not under one's control - a feeling, a thought, flesh, or life itself.

I get my inspiration from life sittings, preferably of a short duration. There is something very stimulating about these encounters - energy, concentration, tension.

I aim to reflect in my paintings the presence of the mass, the fleshiness of the body, often by using visible strokes or colour patches.

I have been painting since I was a kid. It is my lifelong passion. There has been a lot of creativity in my family. I remember I admired my grandparents’ drawings that they made in my memory book. My mother, to entertain me, she created animals from a scrap of a paper with the mere use of hands. I found these imperfect shapes beautiful. 

I felt the urge to create things on my own - painting has become my way of expression, my preferred medium of communication.

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